Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today I am feeling real tired, I am still blogging and I will need to go for a rest now. Tomorrow is Friday and I love Friday, I am thinking of going for a buffet dinner today but I do not want to go because I am going to save up that money.

Buffet for a person will cost $50 here and that is not cheap at all. If there is no offer the price will be above $60 a person.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tired night for me

Last night went for dinner and the time of dinner supposed to start at 8pm. But it was drag til 9pm, sad to say that my dad, bro and wife have to go because they are too tired. They left at 10.30 as they need to go work the next morning as early as 6.30.

I wanted to stay longer but I am not alone because my friend is already complaining tired and sleepy. We left at 11.30pm and we have not eat all the food, there are dishes that not out yet. They are dance performance to see and even many talks at the dinner.

I think if I am still there it will last til 12 midnight. Although today is Sunday nobody is working but we need to rest too, some people cannot sleep late at night. I am glad that my sis not come along because she needs to go bed as early as 9pm. Even my dad will goes to bed at 10pm. If my sis comes along I am sure she will be complaining.